Emergency Medical Care & First Aid Treatment

Emergency Medical Care & First Aid Treatment


Are YOU Prepared for a Disaster?

Disasters often happen at the least opportune moments, when you least expect them and could definitely do without them. That’s why it’s so important that you don’t only have your home and your family prepared for a potential disaster, but that you also prepare yourself and family in medical care and first aid. It’s not always easy to find a doctor in the middle of a hurricane, and if you can find one they’re probably a little bit busy!

It’s important that you not only have some general medical supplies in your disaster preparedness kit, but that you also know how to use ’em!


Emergency Medical Care & First Aid Treatment
Allergic Reaction – Anaphylaxis
Animal Bites, Bug Bites & Stings
Broken Bones, Sprains & Strains
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) – Choking & Chest Pains
Cuts, Scrapes, Blisters, Burns, Puncture Wounds, Severe Bleeding & Bruises
Electrical Burns & Shock
Eye Injury – Black Eye, Chemical, Corneal Abrasion
First Aid Kit Checklist
Food & Chemical Poisoning
Food-Borne Illness, Water-Borne Illness & Dehydration
Food-Borne Illness, Water-Borne Illness & Dehydration
Head Injury & Concussion
Weather Related Injuries – Frostbite, Heat Illness & Heatstroke


Pre-Made First Aid Kits

There are a number of pre-made first aid kits available online for purchase. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of putting together a kit yourself, consider one of these options:

Safety Item

Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer Refreshing Gel


This effective sanitizer eliminates 99.99% of germs and features a refreshing clean scent that evaporates quickly for convenient use when soap and water are not available.

Safety Item

Med PRIDE NitriPride Exam Gloves (100 Pack)


Protect your hands from bacteria with the skin-friendly, durable, and ambidextrous Medpride vinyl single use gloves. Great for medical, industrial, and personal uses.

Safety Item

Disposable Black Face Masks (100 Pack)


Protect yourself and your loved ones from harmful particles and allergens with this 100 pack of face masks.

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