Tornado Safety Planning Checklist

Tornado Safety Planing Checklist


Tornado Safety Planning Checklist

  1. Gather Important Papers: Keep all special papers and photographs in a watertight container or plastic bag. Tornadoes can and do bring rain and debris and if your important papers aren’t protected, they could be ruined. Consider including in your watertight container:
      • bank account papers
      • birth certificates
      • property deeds
      • medical cards
      • social security cards
  2. To-Go BagMake a List of Your Valuables: I know, I know… This is one of those types of jobs which is always on the “to do” list but never actually makes it onto the “done” list. However, when a disaster like a tornado hits, you are likely to be able to claim up to 20% more insurance than if you don’t. The easiest way to do this nowadays is to take a cell phone video of each room of your house so you have video proof of your belongings.
  3. Have To-Go Bags: Have your emergency bags packed and ready with some toiletries, some clothes, a towel, etc. Make sure you have a bag for each member of the family with a few essentials.
  4. Have Extra Medications: Make sure that you have plenty of prescription medicines on hand. If you’re hit by a tornado which cuts out the power, the last thing you need to worry about is a medical emergency. Make sure that you have extra prescription medication containers available in plenty of time before the storm strikes.
  5. Get Small Bills: When the power goes out, ATM machines won’t work. Get plenty of one dollar bills because not many people will have change for twenty and hundred dollar bills. Try to aim for ones, fives, and tens.
  6. Have a Food Stash: Make sure that you’ve got plenty of non-perishable food somewhere that can be accessed in case of an tornado. Even though your town might try to help to supply food in the aftermath of a disaster, it’s really up to you to make sure that your family and yourself have got plenty of food and drinking water available. Click here to learn more about what foods you should stock in case of a disaster.
  7. Have Batteries: Have batteries for all of your devices: cell phone, flashlight, radio, etc. Make sure you have the proper type of batteries for the right devices and, of course, make sure the batteries are charged!
  8. Buy These Items: The following are items that could make a huge difference in case of a tornado in your area. It’s better to have these items and not need them rather than need them and not have them.
      • First Aid KitsFor $20, you can have medical supply basics — all in one place — and ready to use. Minor as well as major injuries are possible during a hurricane and it’s possible that emergency services will be overwhelmed, so having a first aid kit is essential.
      • Solar Cell Phone Charger: Solar powered charges start in the mid-$20 range and go up from there. The best selling Amazon solar charger is $60 and is fast with “industrial-strength PET polymer faced solar panels sewn into a rugged polyester canvas offer weather-resistant outdoor durability.” If the power goes out, you might have no other way to charge your phone.
      • Crank-Powered Radio: You can pay upwards of $100 for a decent crank radio, but you don’t have to spend that much. The best-selling Amazon crank radio is only $20!
      • Emergency Water Filter: There’s no need for an expensive filtration system. The LifeStraw Personal Water Filter has 5,000 reviews and is only $20! The LifeStraw “removes minimum 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites, and filters to 0.2 microns; surpasses EPA filter standards.”
  9. Educate Your Family: Make sure that all of your family knows about your hurricane plan, escape routes, where the emergency kit is stored, and what to do in case of an emergency.
  10. Have Camping Equipment: Obviously, tents and sleeping bags might not be the ideal accommodation but what if your home collapses or otherwise is uninhabitable? What if you’re out of the danger but haven’t quite made it to your alternative accommodation? Although emergency shelters are sometimes available, it’s really a much better idea to make sure that you’ve got everything sorted out for yourself. Sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor might not be ideal, but it sure beats sleeping on the floor without a sleeping bag.
  11. Have a Tornado Safety Kit: Having a tornado safety kit can make a huge difference if a tornado strikes your area.
      • Toiletry Kits (for every member of your family)
      • Disinfectant (to protect yourself from potential diseases in flood water)
      • Work Gloves (in case you have to dig through debris)
      • Soap
      • Towels (cloth and paper)
      • Baby Necessities (diapers, baby wipes, baby powder)
      • In case of an epidemic or pandemic during a disaster, consider including the following in your disaster kit:
  12. Have Entertainment for the Kids: Tornado emergency situations are terrible for everyone, but whilst some adults might find the opportunity to sit in the cellar wrapped in a blanket and catching up on the latest Stephen King novel, think about how difficult it could be to keep the kids not only safe, but also entertained. Consider having some of the following in your tornado safety kit:
      • Coloring Books and Crayons
      • Puzzle Books
      • Games (board games, mind games, memory games, learning the names of states, presidents, capitols, learning a little math recall)
      • Favorite Toys
  13. Have Homeowner’s Insurance: Have homeowners insurance before the tornado. Also check your homeowners policy to see if you are covered for flooding as flood coverage is almost always an add-on coverage.
  14. Prepare for Your Pets, Too: Pets rely on their pet parents for food, safety and security, and that means ALL of the time. I know that during an emergency situation your animals might have to wait until all human members of your family are safe, but there are a few things you can do to make sure that they are included in your hurricane preparedness plan. Keep extra food on hand as pet food may be hard to find or buy during a natural disaster. Here are some emergency pet food options.
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Tornado Pet Protection Tips

  1. Make Sure Pets Have Identification: Always ensure that your pet is wearing a collar or has other means of identification. A tiny painless microchip is probably the best idea because collars can come off. Just remember the images of the thousands of pets which became separated from their owners in previous tornado disasters with no hope of a reunion. If your pet has a microchip and you do get separated, there’s always the chance that you can be reunited at a later date.
  2. Have Extra Pet Supplies: Don’t forget to provide for your pet with the rest of your emergency hurricane supplies. Make sure that you have plenty of their food and enough water for everybody. Remember that the running water in your house may not be working or may not be safe to drink.
  3. Have Extra Pet Medications: If your pet takes medication, make sure that you have a few days supply in a safe yet accessible place just in case you can’t get to the veterinarians for a week or two. Make up a pet safety kit which includes any medication, but don’t forget to check your supplies regularly for an expiration date.
  4. Have a Pet Carrier: Think about how you’ll cope with your pet if you have to evacuate your home. Make sure that you have a suitable pet carrier available and make sure that your pet is used to going into it. Make sure that your chosen pet carrier can be properly secured so that your pet can’t escape and make a run for freedom.
  5. Have Pet Toys: Don’t forget to take along some of your pets favorite stuff if you have to leave your home. Just like a child will settle much better in a strange environment if they have some familiar blankets or toys, the same goes for animals. Your pet may be frightened and confused too so having a few familiar bits and pieces around can help him to stay calm.
  6. Have Another Safe Place for Your Pets: It’s a good idea to have a second home where your pet can stay if necessary — somewhere they are familiar with and with people who they like and are comfortable with.
  7. Don’t Panic: It’s important that you stay calm if you are ever faced with an emergency hurricane situation. People and pets can become easily frightened in these situations, and it’s going to be down to you to keep everything as calm and organized as possible. Remember to speak in a calm and reassuring tone, watch your body language for “giveaways” and remember to pamper your pet with a little extra love. This can work two ways: it can help to calm your pet as well as helping you to stay calm!
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