Disaster Preparedness: Wind Disaster Plan


High Winds

High Winds can be a real danger to your family and property at any time of the year, so it’s important that you have a disaster preparedness wind disaster plan in place, so that your family can keep safe and your property will stand up to the strong winds as best it can.  High winds are particularly damaging during the hurricane season from June through November, but it isn’t just the speed and strength of the actual wind which causes the damage, very often it’s the debris which the wind carries along which starts a chain reaction of structural damage.

Wind Disaster Plan

  • It’s really important that your property has strong, stable doors to be able to withstand the enormous pressures of high winds. They’ve not only got to stay closed and on their hinges, they’ve also got to be made of strong stuff so that high-speed, heavy debris won’t be able to bust through.
  • Garage doors are often your property weak spot, believe it or not. The bigger your garage door, the more at risk it is of being busted in strong winds, and if hurricane force winds do bust through you could find your roof being blown away from the inside and other severe structural damage to your home.
  • Wind proof your windows too, with specially designed permanent hurricane shutters. Don’t wait for the hurricane warnings before you start to think about it, do it now, and if you don’t have any hurricane storm shutters then board up windows with wood until you have the chance to get properly organized. Don’t forget glass doors too.#
  • Hurricane tie-downs are another great way to wind proof your home. The roof is often the first place to get ripped away by hurricane winds. A set of simple metal tie down straps can help to keep the roof rafters in place and prevent uplift during even the strongest of winds.
  • Trim trees and shrubbery. Strong winds can tear branches from trees, catapulting them through the air like lethal weapons. Make sure that you trim any dead or diseased branches from your trees, ‘cos they’re the first to go.  Trimming the larger branches from trees also helps to prevent them from becoming uprooted during a hurricane wind storm.
  • Clear your outside space, remove everything which can be removed before the wind storm arrives. That includes trash cans, garden furniture, tools, childrens toys, bicycles, pet cages, flower pots . . . all of these items could cause serious damage to your house (or to somebody elses) if it was turned into a projectile by super strong winds.

You see all of that debris being blown around, well, that’s what causes most of the damage during high winds.

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