News Sources on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

News on COVID-19

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Latest News and Reports on COVID-19

Want to stay up-to date on the latest news and reports on Coronavirus-2019? Here are a number of sources that you can use to keep informed on the latest outbreak sites, new countries that are infected, newest medical treatments, interactive maps, and much more.

Please note that the news outlets are listed in alphabetical order.

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60 Minutes Australia

A recent investigation by the 60 Minutes Australia team has revealed the extent to which COVID-19 might spread across the world. An undercover investigation reveals the markets where the coronavirus is thought to have started.


ABC News

Like many other news outlets, ABC News has many articles on the COVID-19 outbreak. Some of the articles include FAQs on the coronavirus, the death toll from COVID-19, the lack of supplies like masks and medical necessities, and the latest treatments being tested for the virus.



The Bloomberg news website has an entire section of articles related to COVID-19, many of which are updated on a daily or weekly basis.


Business Insider

Business Insider has a sizable number of articles regarding COVID-19, namely in its Science Insider section. Articles range from comparing the coronavirus to the flu, how other countries are responding to the outbreak, delays and loss of profits in businesses from the disease, and more symptoms that can be associated with COVID-19.


Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

The US-based CDC has an extensive informational page with situation updates, prevention techniques, risk assessments, how testing works, travel advisories, and more.



CNN has been reporting on COVID-19 for a while now and has a number of informational articles, videos, and photos on the virus.


LA Times

Ever since California declared a state of emergency over COVID-19, the LA Times has a number of articles on the spread of the virus in the Los Angeles area.



The science reporting website LiveScience has a page dedicated to bringing you the latest news on COVID-19. Everything from live updates to governmental responses to the outbreak can be found on LiveScience.


NBC New York

This New York news channel has many articles and videos available on COVID-19. Most of the articles are understandably focused on the state of New York and how the virus is spreading through the area.



NPR has a special series production on COVID-19 featuring the latest news, podcasts, and information on the virus. Below is a recent podcast that discusses how computer modeling might be able to help fight COVID-19.


StatNews has a section of articles about COVID-19 ranging from research into possible treatments to how the original virus adapted enough to be able to infect humans.


The New York Times

The New York Times has reported on cases of COVID-19 across the US. They also have an interactive map of the US that shows where the greatest number of cases are and which states have reported instances of COVID-19.


World Health Organization (WHO)

The WHO has an informational page on COVID-19 that provides the latest updates including how to protect yourself and your family, how the world is responding to the outbreak, and what to expect in the future of the outbreak.



WorldoMeter is keeping worldwide track of COVID-19 infections, deaths, and recovered persons. You can sort information by country, age, incubation, deaths, death rate, symptoms, and more.