Tornado Preparedness: Prepare for a Tornado Before Arrival

Tornadoes destroy property and communities, as well as family homes and even lives. Although there’s no way to stop a tornado, there are ways in which to prepare your property before the tornado arrives which can help with a bit of damage mitigation. That’s about all we can do — limit the damage done — but it can be very effective just the same.

Consider purchasing the following items to prepare for a tornado before arrival:


Preparing For a Tornado: Damage Mitigation

Unlike hurricanes, people often don’t have a ton of time to prepare for an imminent tornado touching down near them. However, there are still some steps you can take to protect your property if you have the time.

Secure the Windows

One of the major areas of damage in a hurricane storm is the windows. Permanent storm shutters tend to provide the best protection for your windows; normal blinds or shutters won’t do the trick.

If you don’t have permanent storm shutters fitted, you can DIY instead (a sheet of 5/8″ marine plywood to board up your windows might not look pretty, but it can still be quite effective. Have it cut and ready to install when you hear the tornado sirens.

Secure the Roof

Tornadoes can also wreak havoc to the roof of your property. Install additional clips or straps to ensure that the frame structure is securely fastened to the roof. This will reduce the chances of roof damage to your property.

Secure Your Trees

Tornadoes are also pretty handy at uprooting trees and shrubs before hurling them towards a property. Make sure that all of the shrubs and trees around your home are well-trimmed and as safe as possible.

Prepare the Gutters

Tornado-producing storms can bring lots of rain with them. Make sure that your drains, downspouts and gutters are unblocked and ready for action.

Tornadoes are mighty and scary so make sure that your family and your property are prepared to give you a chance to survive the next tornado emergency.


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