Disaster Preparedness: Wildfire Disaster Plan

Wildfire Disaster Plan


Are YOU Prepared for the Next Wildfire?

Most people are surprised by how quickly wildfire can spread, especially in high winds and dry conditions. All it takes is one spark or burning piece of ash to ignite a field or house near yours. Are you and your family prepared to evacuate in a flash?

Wildfire can rapidly spread which might not give you much of a chance to organize yourself. That’s why it’s really important that, as part of your disaster preparedness, you have a wildfire disaster plan. Your wildfire disaster plan must be prepared well in advance of any wildfire, and all members of your family must be familiar with it. Every family wildfire disaster plan will be slightly different, but they all need to take into account the same types of things.

Consider purchasing the following items to help keep your pets and family safe during a wildfire disaster:


Wildfire Disaster Plan – Be Prepared!

  • Fire Extinguishers: Make sure that there are always fire extinguishers on hand and that all members know how to use them. You should also regularly check the expiration dates. It’s a good idea to keep a fire extinguisher in your home anyway in case of a kitchen fire or other fire.
  • Utility Box: In case of a wildfire, make sure that your family knows where and how to shut off the water, electricity, and gas supplies to the house. A gas supply that hasn’t been turned off can trigger an explosion.
  • Emergency Supplies Kit: Make sure that your family has an emergency supply kit that is well-stocked and in an easy place to grab in case of an emergency evacuation.
  • Emergency Phone Numbers: Having a list of all of your emergency numbers is a great idea, disaster situation or not. You should keep a list by your telephone, in your emergency supply kit, and stored on your cell phone.
  • Stay Updated: Follow the latest information through the news, radio, or scanner so that you know if you’re in the evacuation zone. Also, keep track of where the fire is spreading and which way the winds are blowing so you have an idea of if you or your family is going to be in danger.
  • Neighbors: Look out for your neighbors in any disaster situation. Tell them about your wildfire disaster plan and encourage them to make a wildfire disaster plan of their own.


Wildfire Evacuation Plan

  • Designate Meeting Place: You must designate an emergency meeting area that’s outside the fire hazard area. That way, you’ll be able to determine immediately who has been safely evacuated and whether anybody is missing.
  • Know Escape Routes: You need to determine a variety of different escape routes from your home, and from your community. Practice them from time to time, with your entire family.
      • Note: Make sure that your evacuation plan includes pets and large animals like horses.
  • Have a Communication Point: Designate a friend or family member who lives out of the area as your single point of communication. That way, if you get separated, you’ll all be able to contact one person who can then call or message everyone else involved.


Power Outage Maps

In case of a wildfire — especially in California — it’s important to know if you are likely to lose power in your area. Here are some outage maps that you can check on in case of a natural disaster, be it wildfire, earthquake, or something else.


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