Hurricane Safety: Securing the Outside of Your Home or Property

Hurricane Safety: Securing the Outside of Your Home or Property

As the hurricane season approaches, it’s essential to make sure that you and your loved ones are prepared for any potential impact. Hurricanes can cause significant damage to your property, and more importantly, pose a significant threat to your safety. Therefore, taking the necessary steps to prepare for a hurricane is crucial.

Secure the Outside of Your Home, Property, or Business

Here’s what you need to know and do to stay safe during hurricane season:

  • Secure Loose Items: Bring in all smaller items from outside, like toys and pet items. Secure larger objects to ensure they won’t be knocked over or blown away.
  • Hurricane Shutters: Hurricane shutters can be installed over doors, windows, and garage doors to help keep the water and wind out.
  • Remove Hanging Plants: If you have any hanging plants outside, be sure to take them down and bring them inside or put them right next to the side of the house.
  • Extra Chlorine: Add extra chlorine to your pool to help reduce contamination during the hurricane winds and rains. You do not have to drain the pool. Secure all exposed pool items (like a pump or filter) and wrap in plastic.
  • Fill Gas Tank: Fully fill your vehicle’s gas tank as gas stations will not work when the power’s out. Park your car in your garage if possible to protect it from wind, rain, and flying debris.
  • Don’t Park Near Trees: If you can’t park your car in the garage, make sure you park it well away from trees which could topple over during a hurricane.
  • Secure Windows and Shutters: Make sure all of your windows and shutters are closed. If you don’t have shutters, consider putting plywood over the windows and sliding glass doors.
  • Remove Antennas: If you have TV antennas or a satellite dish, removing them before a hurricane is a good idea. Make sure you have a weather radio to stay informed about the storm.
  • Clean Debris: If you have piles of branches or leaves in your yard, consider cleaning them up before the storm hits. High winds can turn broken branches into fatal projectiles.
  • Brace Doors: If you can, brace your garage door and any outward-facing door in your house to keep it strong against high winds and rain.
  • Bring Pets Inside: Bring your pets and pet supplies inside. Make sure your animals have some sort of identification on them (either collar or microchip) in case they panic and run off during the storm.
  • Avoid Driving: Once it’s few hours before the storm, it’s time to get off the roads. Supplies will be sold out anyway and it’s better to shelter in place than to try to get the last batch of supplies at the grocery store (if they aren’t already sold out).

Consider purchasing the following items to help keep you, your family, and your property safe during a hurricane:

Adhesive & Repairs

T-REX Ferociously Strong Duct Tape


This tape is made with UV resistant materials that block harsh UV rays from weakening the tape adhesive, and can be used both indoors and outdoors on various surfaces such as brick, concrete, shingles, painted and non-painted wood, and vinyl siding.


Frost King P1025/6W Polyethylene Sheeting


The packaged plastic sheet has a wide range of uses in and around the home, garden, and garage. It can be used to cover and protect furniture, appliances, and equipment from dust, dirt, and moisture.

Tool Kit

Yougfin Tool Set, 38-Piece General Household Basic Hand Tools Kit


The Yougfin 38-piece tool set is forged from high hardness steel, providing excellent sturdiness and durability. Coated with a chrome plated finish, it improves glossiness and corrosion resistance, meeting or exceeding ANSI critical standards.