Food & Chemical Poisoning



There are many other conditions which have very similar signs and symptoms to poisoning, including alcohol intoxication, seizures, insulin reactions and strokes. The signs and symptoms of food and chemical poisoning include;

  • Burning and redness of the lips and mouth, from drinking some types of poison
  • Breath may smell of chemicals
  • There may be signs of burns, odors and stains either on the person, their clothing, or on the floor, rugs, etc. in the area
  • There may be empty medicine bottles around, or a scattering of pills
  • The person may have difficulty in breathing, sleepiness, vomiting etc

How You Can Help

The first thing you should do in a normal situation is to call the local poison control center, but realistically in a disaster situation the phone lines could be down and, let’s face it, they might not be available to answer the phone. So what else can you do to help;

  • If it appears that the person may have been exposed to poisonous fumes like carbon monoxide then move them out into the fresh air as soon as possible
  • If it appears that the person may have swallowed poison remove anything which remains in the mouth
  • If it appears that the persona may have been poisoned by something like a household cleaning agent then read the label and follow any instructions which are there about accidential poisoning
  • If there is evidence of poison on the persons skin, clothes etc remove the clothes and wash the skin with lukewarm water . . . if possible put them under a shower until help gets there
  • If the person stops breathing start CPR as soon as possible

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