Disaster Preparedness: Flood Disaster Plan

Driving through a section of flash flooded roa...

Don’t drive through flash flooded roads

Surprises might be great at birthdays and Christmas time, but when we’re talking about disaster preparedness and a flood disaster plan the key is to know what to expect . . . surprises are bad!

Make sure that you know the flood risk of your area, if the rain has been falling hard for a few hours, or steadily for a few days then keep your eyes and ears on the TV or radio for possible flood information. Floods can happen quickly or they can develop over a series of hours or even days. Make sure that you know the difference between;

  • Flood watch – meaning that a flood in your area is a possibility
  • Flood warning – meaning that there’s a flood occurring in your area, and if it hasn’t reached you yet it will do very soon
  • Flash floods – can develop in a matter of minutes or take a few hours.

Disaster Preparedness: Flood Disaster Plan

It’s important that you have a flood disaster plan in place before your slippers start floating across the kitchen floor, so as soon as you hear news of an approaching flood, or have read the tell tale signs then it’s time to put your disaster preparedness flood plan into action.

  • Make sure that you have a disaster supply kit ready at all times with plenty of non perishable food, water, flashlight, battery powered radio etc.
  • Check on your house insurance – are you covered against flood damage (very possibly not)
  • Keep valuable papers and documents in a water proof safe box
  • Keep your rubber boots and rubber gloves handy
  • Move your valuables and as much furniture as possible to the higher levels of your home if there is a flood warning
  • Make sure that you have a full tank of gas in case you have to make a quick getaway
  • If you are told to evacuate . . . go immediately and make your way to high ground away from rivers, creeks, streams and storm drains
  • If your car engine stalls in rising waters then abandon it, bail out and climb to higher ground (taking your disaster supply bag with you)

She’s one well prepared Mom . . . well done and thanks for sharing!

Of course, some floods are man-made.

Here is how a friendly ‘time to cover your hose bib freeze warning’ can look.